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Mar 3, 2010
I'd like to try antidepressants, but I don't know how to ask about meds. My doctor knows I hate them, I've been on seroquel as a tranqueliser before (weren't sure if it was unipolar or bipolar) and I hated it. Only just have they said it's "most likely to be severe major depression". Therapy isn't working. I've been seeing a pdoc since I was 12 and I've gotten nowhere. I've made 6 suicide attempts, and I'm willing to try almost anything to stop feeling like this. How do I ask about getting on antidepressants? And how easily are they perscribed? I'm 15 (almost 16) if that makes any difference

Thanks :)


Mar 4, 2010
Your age does make a difference - many psychs are reluctant to prescribe anti depressants to children, and many anti depressants aren't even allowed to be prescribed to under 18s, because they can cause suicidal thoughts. There are a few that can be prescribed, I believe Prozac is the most common. You need to discuss it with your psych really - ask if they think anti depressants would be likely to help you.


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Jul 15, 2009
Yes, that's exactly my understanding of the situation too.


New member
Mar 8, 2010
Antidepressant drugs are not happy pills, and they are not a panacea. They are prescription-only drugs that come with risks as well as benefits, and should only ever be taken under a doctor's supervision. They are, however, one depression treatment option. Taking medications for depression is not a sign of personal weakness - and there is good evidence that they do help.
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