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Antidepressants 'work instantly'



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Mar 23, 2009
Antidepressants 'work instantly'

Antidepressants get to work immediately to lift mood, contrary to current belief, UK researchers say.

Although patients may not notice the effects until months into the therapy, the team say they work subconsciously.

The action is rapid, beginning within hours of taking the drugs, and changes negative thoughts, according to the Oxford University researchers.

These subtle, positive cues may add up over time to lift the depression, the American Journal of Psychiatry reports.

It may also explain why talking therapies designed to break negative thought cycles can also help.

However this seems to be for less than 50% of people who use them.



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Oct 30, 2009
No they do not, what does what is the placebo effect, people take them and because they know it will make them feel better they do. Not for long though!
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