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Antidepressants/st johns wort/cbd oil what helps!



Dec 1, 2019
United Kingdom
Hi there. Ive had a hard time lately.
I cant shift these feelings of dread sick to stomach anxiety then i get teary feel i cant cope. Ive got a wedding coming up in 3 weeks and im dreading it. Im so scared my panic will ruin it.
Im already on beta blockers taking counselling even paid for hynotherapy. I feel im doing right things but feel no better. Im petrified to go on antidepressants due to side effects etc but i need help.

What has helped people?? Whats side effects like? Im desperate for relief of this constant anxiety fear and dread


Well-known member
Feb 20, 2019
Northern Ireland
Everyone is different, what works for one won’t work for another. CBD oil is useless for me, I have never personally tried St Johns Wart.

I have sertraline and propranolol for my anxiety and depression. Honestly the sertraline works mostly for depression (still have episodes and swings) but doesn’t for anxiety. The propranolol eases the panic slightly but not enough. I’m waiting to get seen again by a mental health team to get a better diagnosis and meds.

Be open to trying what you’re offered. Most side effects will be temporary and will ease after a week or two. Antidepressants can have many side effects I personally have experienced nausea, bruxisim and more for the first few weeks but these eased with time and my GP also gave me anti-sickness pills for the first two weeks I was on them