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New member
Feb 16, 2019
I suffer from Bipolar Disorder type I and I have never been able to get my symptoms under control by medication prescribed for my Bipolar even after being tried on a handful of different pills!
I was prescribed pregabalin about 2 months ago to treat my pain in my face caused by nerve damage and have noticed ever since my moods have stayed level, I thought at first it was the 'high' feeling from it being a pain killer or whatever, but noticed that my mood was really high, but just in the middle (I would say like normal but I've never had an inbetween in my whole life, so not really normal to me 😂) so I googled Lyrica the brand of pregabalin I have been taking and read that Lyrica is also sometimes used as an anticonvulsant. I remember taking tregatrol to try and treat my bipolar, which didn't work but I also remember that being used as an anticonvulsant! Had a Google and couldn't find any research or anything like that on Lyrica being used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, but I'm sure this is literally treating my bipolar!! If anyone is taking an anticonvulsant in there treatment of bipolar what is the name of the medication you are on?? And has anyone taken Lyrica or any other brand of pregabalin for a reason other than mental health and noticed a change in there bipolar disorder?


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Lots of anticonvulsant are used to treat bipolar and other MH conditions as they calm the brain down. Lots of medications treat other symptoms. I suffer what’s called essential tremor and was put on a pill for my blood pressure and it calmed my shakes down.