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Anti-Social Personality Disorder: An objective and frank view of what living as a "sociopath" is really like



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Dec 7, 2013
Anti-Social Personality Disorder: An objective and frank view of what living as a "sociopath" is really like

For the purposes of this discussion, my name will be Frank. I am 23, married and have a 3 year old son. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Anti-social Personality Disorder. People such as I are often referred to as 'sociopaths'. I have decided to write about my experiences of life as a 'sociopath'.

So, more about me. Contrary to popular misconceptions about 'sociopaths', I do indeed have some emotions. I feel what I believe is love for my wife and son. I acknowledge, however, that these emotions are not akin to the emotions that "normal" people feel, and that they exist purely for egotistical purposes.

I do not have morals, but I pretend I do because I know that it will help make people trust me. In reality, I simply do not care. I have stolen from my disabled parents, my friends, co-workers, and strangers. This was not done for any particular reason, just because I can. I have no regrets, I would do that all again. I am an incredibly gifted liar. That is a fact, I am just superior in that sense. I could talk my way out of anything. For example, when travelling to the USA a few years back, I was stopped at immigration and asked about my record for assault. I told the immigration official that the record had in fact been expunged and that I had absolutely no idea why it was showing up on their systems. He outright believed me, I can make anyone believe anything I want them to.

If my wife asked me now "Frank, did you eat the last biscuit?" I would lie to her, but make it obvious that I am lying. I do this so that people think I am a bad liar and are much more likely to believe my larger, more frequent lies because to them, I will appear to be telling the truth. I love lying to people, I do it all the time. It is very enjoyable. I do it when there is no need to do so at all.

I can be incredibly charming when I want to be. I can read people very easily, and adapt the way I act, my entire personality in fact, in order to make myself appear trustworthy and like a 'good person' to them. This is natural to me, I have been able to do it since I was a child. I enjoy doing this very much, as it gives me a sense of power that not much else can. I am an active member of the WWF and several other charities. Not because I actually care about the work they are doing, but because it makes me seem more likeable to other people. I am nice to people, picking up the tab at restaurants, I have impeccable manners and am very friendly, but this is all a charade.

If somebody crosses me, and they are somebody that I would gain nothing through befriending, I enjoy taking revenge. I don't just "beat them up". What would be the fun in that? I love destroying people, twisting their minds, damaging their relationships and causing them a lot of pain. For example, someone I once knew slept with my girlfriend. I had no feelings for that girl, but I had an image to defend. In revenge, I decided to have sex with his twin sister, on his bed. I impregnated her and then left her. I told her afterwards that I only slept with her because her twin brother had told me she was "easy". The resulting fallout ended with their whole family falling apart. He is one of the people who got off lightly, however. I once drove somebodies car into a lake because he had challenged one of my lies. I deeply enjoy doing that sort of thing.

I had a lot more to tell you, but I have decided that is all I shall divulge at the moment. You may be wondering why I have decided to share this. Truthfully, I have done so because ASPD is something that is very misunderstood. We 'sociopaths' are not all the same. That would be like saying all people with depression are the same. I have a great interest in psychology, and how the brain works. I would class myself as a prodigy when it comes to the area of psychology.

One last thing, judge me if you wish, but do know that expressing your judgments to me will be a waste of your time. Frankly, I could not care less what you think about me unless I would gain something from befriending you. That said, I am open to questions, and shall answer them honestly. Why? Simply because it would appeal to my ego.



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Dec 11, 2013
hello this by far the funniest story i have read. i suffer from anti social personality disorder too,so know where your coming frlm.sorry but i drove his car into lake was too much i just had to lol.But i get the no remorse thing and good luck we sure need it