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Anti-Psychotics and Psychiatry Consensus



New member
Apr 19, 2020
Hi, I'd like to read people's opinions and experiences involving anti-psychotics and Psychiatry.
Has any of your experiences in these areas been helpful?
What do you think of your psychiatrist/s and why?
What is the worst side effect/s you've experienced?
What do you think of anti-psychotics?

Here's my answers to these questions;

No, absolutely not.

I think all psychiatrists are modern day torturers, mainly because of all the pain I've suffered from their "treatment".

The worst side effects I've experienced are;
Excruciating testicular pain, lasting for 30+ minutes at a time repeatedly maybe around 10 to 12 times from Olanzapine.
Urinating suddenly becomes ejaculating which is also very painful, this happened repeatedly i lost count how many times from Abilify.

Lastly what I think of anti-psychotics is, well firstly the title says anti-psychotics NOT anti-psychosis a very minor detail which targets the consumers and not the illness. I think this here says a lot about anti-psychotics. I think the companies behind these horrible drugs are solely out for money and don't care who they hurt in the process.
In summation after the 5 anti-psychotics I myself have experienced; Abilify, Olanzapine, Risperidone, Paliperidone and Zuclopenthixol. I would rather be stabbed to death than take another anti-psychotic, I know this sounds rather harsh but let me tell you... I've been stabbed before, and I can honestly tell you that: anti-psychotics, hurt me WAY MORE, 100 to 1000 times more than being stabbed, and just to clarify I'm talking with a kitchen knife not a needle.

This brings me to my final point here, my username says it, how are these drugs legal? Being stabbed isn't legal and it's my preference to these drugs. These drugs are just chemical torture and fun fact - Guantanamo Bay employs psychiatrists to torture their prisoners, if you ask me the only difference to them working at the NHS is the lack of terrorist to torture.