Anti-psychotic meds



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Dec 16, 2009
Hi, I'm on Abilify for bi-polar disorder. I showed some psychotic symptoms such as hearing voices or the freaky premonitions I was getting on a regular basis. Abilify has helped me and I no longer have the horrendous nightmares that I did. The only problem I have is being very restlesss and fidgety but I tolerate that as I felt the positive effects outweighed the minor side effects. People around me noticed changes in me within 3 weeks or so. I did make sure I questioned the mental health doc about why I should take the meds and possible side effects, I also researched effects online before taking it. I tried getting by without meds for years and my bi-polar disorder nearly ruined my life and created a hectic and self-destructive lifestyle. I am starting to feel more part of the human race now.


Perhpas depression is different to schizphrenia, I know that re-think have been campagning to alter this, but whatever you call it, madness, changed to deenmtial [ppraecox, xhanged to schizophrenia, but the illness hasn't changed. It is the media who have reported cases that have gone wrong or not been diagnosed, and the patient has become viiolent/or. The statistics show that there is more violence in the general puvlic than in cses of schizophrenia. My relative has never been stigmatised and isaan extrovert. Some probably those who are introverts self neglect more, and there is an dreadful case reported o where it has been impossible for the genuine enquirer to get an answer as to who was reponsible for his neglect. I am glad you coope so well, and have a great deal of sympathy with your downs. It must be to say the least very miserable. The trouble is that there are too many people who are feeling what I call fed up