Another voice of mine called The Interview Osama !!



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Aug 11, 2010
Hi Folks,
I am writing this post to provide insight into the malicious behavior of the Voices that I have been able to generalize with the help of this one quite dominant Bad Voice that infects me running round like a well organised Terrorist Chief akin the real world Osama Bin Laden organizing and masterminding these petty acts of terror against me !
I have nicknamed him "The Interview Osama" and he belongs to the group of Bad Voices that I described in a previous post who call themselves "Motorola".
This Bloody rascal of a criminal mastermind Voice is so obsessed and fixated with all the different types of Job Interviews that I undertake and is the root cause of heightened Voice disruptive activity during these times. He is informed by his cohorts the other bad voices of an upcoming Interview I might have and then voila he sets about organising his band of criminals into gear to do the same set of pernicious activity ... one favourite act of malice of him and Motorola Group of Voices is work on making a lot of noise by screaming about and echoing my thoughts loudly and repeating what I think ... he has another one of his gang members that I have identified and named as "The Shee-Shee Fool" that goes about making this Shee-Shee sound at everything and anything like when I am shitting in the bog it will go about commenting that Sheee the shit is stinking ... Shee the kitchen is smelling etc .... so using these types of criminal gangsters Interview Osama goes on about making sure that I am Sleep-Deprived the days before the Interview .... such clever acts of terror indeed plotted and executed repeatedly over and over again before each Interview that I do !!!
Such well organized criminal and terrorist behavior is being exhibited by these Bad Voices ....
We really have to take a serious examination and try to pin point what these complex organisms the Voices are ....
I did write up a nice document documenting such pernicious behavior of the Voices and circulated it among leading Psychiatrists and Pharma companies in an attempt to persuade them to use this good bit of data and insight into the Voices and make and synthesize a whole new set of drugs aimed and targeting just the isolated Voices symptom !!
But alas I did get some response from the Big Pharma that "Developing Targeted drugs for The Voices System" was Not a high enough priority for them .... translated it means that We Voice sufferers are too small a percentage of the Human population and Big Pharma does not see us as enough of a Cash Resource to generate big profits from their Drug development business !!!
But with this recent surge in Mental Health awareness ... things may change and this opportunity could indeed be revisited .... any Psychiatrists reading these posts please comment !!

Perhaps it is a better opportunity for a New and ambitious "Startup Company" and Venture to make a foray into developing targeted drugs to deal with just this "Voices Symptom" ....

Cheerio !!!


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Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
There is a lot of research to be done in this field, psychiatry sometimes doesn't seem to be science: you can't say you have less than 50% positive outcome on your therapies on such serious mental issues and pretend it is science. The excess dopamine model is clearly outdated, but there is nothing better yet that one could use, this is why there is too much trial and error out there.
However one thing seems clear to me: these voices are a product of your mind, the unconscious part (as it seems) so in one way even if you temper them (so they don't get rendered in the auditive perception) they are still there, so it is important to feel safe first of all, to be able to trust your environment more and then you can work out on the other aspects.
I don't have any serious MH issue, but caring for my son I tried to understand more on the subject and for example I always find myself thinking about stuff without an apparent reason. For example I had a sort of job interview earlier today and I was thinking how about I slap this guy in the face, what would happen next? So these kind of thoughts are running in the background anyway. It happens that I find solutions from technical problems during my sleep, so there is a lot going on in our brains without being "active". Unfortunately in schizo-type of mental troubles these thoughts take this scary path (hallucinations and delusions), but somehow if one can cope with these positive symptoms I guess what matters the most if you are low on the negative symptoms.