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Another Strange Experience



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Aug 6, 2016
Sometimes (not very often) when I look in
the mirror I see what looks like "The Devil"
(with horrible eyes) and it says: "Are you
f***king dead yet? I f**king hate you."

To be honest, it doesn't really bother me
because I'm not afraid of "The Devil"
(and I know I'm a good person). However I do
appreciate that it's a little bit strange.

Anyone experienced anything like that?


P.S. Sorry for so many posts recently. I
don't want to fill your Forum up with "crap."
I screwed up my Medication and am going
through something of a relapse. (That have
to start me on a low dose again.) I'm seeing
my CPN and The Crisis Team later today.

Posting here really helps me. So Thank You.
: )


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Jun 19, 2015
I don't think you post to often. Hopefully you get it all sorted. Posting on here helps me too.


it sounds scary Jonathan, but don't listen to it, they're just designed to fuck with you, it's good you know not to be scared.
Don't be sorry for posting, you should post all you want too. I go through phases of posting flurries too.
Good luck with the crisis team, hope they're helpful


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Nov 23, 2015
hi Jonathon

this sounds like what my friend suffers, she has voices that tell her she Deserves To Die

good for you, handling them like you do.

I wouldn't be able to, it sounds horrible.

Its probably related to your med hiccup. My friend got an attack after her friends funeral as well, when she was really drunk, so drunk she could hardly scratch herself.

Ablify helped her, turned them off.
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