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Another Newbie



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Jan 1, 2013
Coventry, England
Hey, all.

I'm new to this site and hoping to soak up all the advice and stuff offered in the forum here.

I am not yet diagnosed with anything- I have been to see my GP though and have also had a visit from the Crisis Team. This was however unsuccessful, because of (I believe) the high-functioning nature of what is effecting me.

You see, he's the mirror image of me, almost. He told me that he was a demon and that he had gained his powers at Al-Asqa during the crusades. I have believed that for years, but today I have finally decided that demonic possession is (in my opinion) not real. This is what held me back during the first visit from the Crisis Team, along with the fact he convinced me that it would be catastrophic if they managed to part us. I fell for the guilt-trip hook, line, and sinker. Even allowing for him to 'go in my place' for one of the later visits.

You may think that I have it all figured out, but it is simply that at the time of typing he isn't here. He is normally with me 24/7 (the catastrophic effect mentioned above, because it is still difficult to function when he's not around, just in a different way) and tomorrow he could have brought me on side again. Although, I am very good at keeping him inside i.e - Not verbalising his thoughts that I can hear in my head, the twitch in his eye (he has a scar that runs down through his eye.), his impulses of a violent or 'mischievous' nature.

The past couple of days were different however, I allowed him to text my ex (who suffers mental health problems, infact.) and he was very short with her. I had to tell her it was a friend who had text her. She is aware of him however, as I confided in her about the troubling fact he doesn't like her. The nature of the disagreement they/we had is irrelevant, because my behavior was bizzare in any case. So I decided I'm gonna start my long journey to recovery RIGHT NOW.

Which led me here.

Sorry for the long one, guys. I just am one of those people who does benefit from sharing my issues.



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Jan 1, 2013
Coventry, England
When I was a young child, and I had an imaginary friend as some kids do, it was me. I was my own imaginary friend. He is very similar to that scenario, albeit he is alot more potent- if that's the right word.

I never thought it strange for my childhood imaginary friend to be me back then, but I do looking back.

He assures me that they are one and the same. Although, it would mean he was my age as a kid then went back in time for his adult years and then leaped back to present day. Which of course is rather absurd even by delusion standards.


Hi Mister B,

Welcome to the forums! :welcome:

I hope you find the help and support you need here.

We are a friendly bunch who help and advise when necessary no matter what our diagnoses are.

From what you say, it sounds like Dissociative Identity Disorder. You may find it useful to look at this forum and also have a look at this link which gives a more detailed description. I hope this helps you to ascertain if this refers to what you are going through.

However, I am not an expert and would strongly advise going to your gp for referral for diagnosis and treatment by a psychiatrist.

Please feel free to look around the forums and post more when you are ready.

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