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another new one here.



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Jan 2, 2009
im jodie, my story is pretty deep and can be hard for me to talk but im working on that. i have had mental health problems for about 6 years (even know i always new i was diff) firstly being depression, admitted to 3 hospitals (as well as anger which thankfully has gone) having ECT, self harming for years and still struggling, anxiaty, insomnia, then after i had my baby an eating disorder, personality disorder and bi polar. god when it written down like that it looks bad. im working on everything and reciveing help. even if it seems never ending.
just wanted to say hi and hope to meet others like me, sometimes i just want to talk to people who understand. dp tries bless him
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Jan 12, 2008
West Midlands
Hi Jodie welcome to MHF, you will find lots of help and support here. Join any of the threads when you are ready :hug:

Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family :)


Hi and welcome. I don't write a list like that purely because it looks so overwhelming! Hope we can help and that you find something that can be used in your life. This is a good place.


welcome to here. there is a lot of support and understanding here as well lots of listening. one step at a time and you will make it.
good to have you onboard


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May 27, 2008
Hi Jodie and welcome to the forum. I hope that we can help! There's a really friendly bunch of people here who are a great source of support and are great to be around both during the good and the bad times. Take care and dive in when you feel comfortable. Often a good way to get to know more of the people here is to start a blog / journal (sounds more intimidating than it need be and it's a great way to get things of your chest).

Take care, Honey, xx


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Mar 17, 2008
Hiya Jodie :welcome: to the forum! ... be good to have you around!


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Jun 15, 2008
North West
Hi Jodie and :welcome:

Don't worry about your list of problems - you'll find a lot of people here have multiple diagnoses, or have had different problems at different stages of their illness. By diagnosis I am bipolar, but I have had some symptoms of lots of things, so don't worry that you're alone.

Glad to have you and hope you find it therapeutic here
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