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Another dream



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Oct 11, 2008
My dream is really bothering me today, I hope no one minds if I write it down here.


Me and my partner were going out for a midnight walk (as we often do in real life), and we saw a guy drilling in the road. We then went under a huge passover, which was all dingy but lit with horrible yellow light. 2 guys came from nowhere, with knives, and told me to give them my wallet or they'd kill us.

It just so happens earlier I had found a wallet on the street, so I took it out and gave it to them - then we ran across the street back to our flat. I was so relieved.

Then, my partner remembered he had left the trap door(?) open in our bathroom, and the guys managed to get in through there. They started slicing at him but not me, he had cuts all over his arms and I felt so awful, we had nothing more to give them. They then took him, and left me - I was sure that he would be dead. I tried calling the police, but I did not know the number for being in this country. I was stuck looking after a tiny baby, the size of a mouse, thinking my other half is dead.

One of the guys (the nicer one of the two?) came back - I was very scared. He was carrying an empty pizza box. He then proceeded to rape me, but didn't cum.

I hate dreams. I can't DO anything today. Or reach my boyfriend on the phone. I hope he isn't dead. I keep seeing the dream-man who raped me in the door to my bathroom.


My perspective on these 'type' of dreams; that have made sense to me is from a Jungian perspective. It may or may not help; & I'm not saying it is a definite explanation.

I used to have very similar dreams about 'attackers'. Houses & buildings can often relate to aspects of the 'mind', the psyche, or personality. A house in a dream can literally be representative of the personality or the self. People in dreams can also often be relating to aspects of ourselves, they do not necessarily relate to others; although they can do. I used to have reoccurring dreams that people were breaking into the house; & attacking me with knives & guns. I related this to certain self destructive aspects of myself. As time went on I began to overcome the attackers - which I related to making progress in overcoming certain problems.

From these types of perspectives I would say your dream could mean this. (I'm not saying it does)

The dimly lit & eerie bridge is a deeper aspect of your 'self'; you are 'under' things at a deeper level. The man drilling in the road is symbolic of tapping into deeper aspects of the self, or the mind, (the unconsciousness/deeper aspects of personality ect). From this; certain aspects of yourself which have maybe not been addressed or looked at - frightening (hidden?) aspects emerge (the robbers). It may be a part of ourselves that we feel is taking something from us.

The hole in the bathroom floor is also imagery symbolic with deeper levels of the self - of the unconscious. The same things emerge. The bathroom is also where we 'wash', the symbolism relates to 'cleansing things'. The tiny baby could be relating to an aspect of yourself that you need to nurture & look after. In relation to your partner being attacked. It may mean that certain aspects of yourself are harmful to others; or you perceive them as being so (I don't necessarily mean in a violent way), it may be apprehension that 'illness' affects others well being, ect. Your partner in the dream may also be representative of the male aspect of yourself - that it is neglected or 'under attack'.

The dream may of course just be relating to more general apprehensions & fears. Or the releasing of 'negative emotions', which I think dreams do. Dreams are very healing I think.



I hope you don't mind me trying to analyse your dreams - I find dreams fascinating.
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Oct 11, 2008
No I don't mind at all, I quite like it. Sometimes I think I know what my dream is getting at, but it's interesting to see what someone else thinks.

You're interpretation goes quite well with what I was thinking. Another thing I thought was at the moment my boyfriend is doing everything - working so he has the only income, helping me, going with me everywhere etc. I feel like he shouldn't have to, and he hates it though he has never said he minds.

So that could be why he was taking the slashes from the knife and I wasn't. Not sure though. I really have to pee but I don't want to be in my bathroom :s


No I don't mind at all, I quite like it. Sometimes I think I know what my dream is getting at, but it's interesting to see what someone else thinks.
Thanks. I am relieved. I was worried after I posted it that you may not like what I said. I know that dreams can be very disturbing - I have had very vivid & nightmarish dreams my whole life. I can be very effected by them myself - which is why I have such an interest in them I think.

The reason I like the 'Jungian' perspective so much is that it seems rational. When we sleep; we are in a very relaxed state; & 'within' our mind. It makes sense that the mind would work things out; & maybe show us messages to help us work through certain difficulties.

I was thinking of the dream rape. & with respect, & in no way relating this to 'real life' rape. Following the idea that the attacker is an aspect of yourself - could one interpretation be in relation to being extremely violated by say 'mental illness', or a part of us? & also an element of the need for us to accept certain parts of ourselves? as being a part of us.

It is a hard one. I try to accept things; I think it is a key to my recovery & healing progress. In regards to illness it is so hard to realise that it is a part of me but isn't me, it isn't what defines me. But the 'illness' is an aspect of me. The more I can have acceptance & compassion for these things then the better my well-being. I found this inspiring story the other day -


I know there is a lot of controversy in what he says about karma. But I found it an uplifting little story.

I like your interpretation on the dream too. There are multiple meanings to things I think, & many facets, or ways of perceiving things.
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