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Another do I have a form of bi polar?



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Apr 4, 2008
Can you develop bi polar as late as your mid 40's and can you be on the bi polar spectrum ? My symtoms/concerns are:if you have deep suicidal depressions with suicidal attempts but barely noticible hypo mania. Example brain storming ideas at work that don't come to anything,anxiety,impluse buying of a car and animals. I was just thinking back over my behaviour in the run up to depression and wondered if this was hypomania.I've also been put on lithium for mood swings and feel this is very effective for me which again makes me wonder. Also I have a sister with bipolar since her teens.
Obviously as we say regularly on here we can't diagnose but I would be interested in what other people think or any scientific stuff.


Bipolar doesn't usually appear in you 40s. If it becomes obvious then it's usually because it was there to begin with.

A lot of people will impulse buy to make themselves feel better but it doesn't make them bipolar. Also everyone has those speedy days where time slows down and you get everything done that you wanted and still have time to paint a lighthouse.

Lithium is often prescribed as mood leveller for depression because it can be incredibly effective. You say you had it prescribed for mood swings - have you ever done a mood chart and looked back at that over a period of, say, 3 - 6 months?


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Apr 4, 2008
I have done an on line chart for about 3 months which shows clear mood swings but not into mania. I think I was just going over things in the past and rethinking them maybe wrongly interpreting. Taking lithium has definately made me feel better though and "safer",its just been ibcreased again today.
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