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Annoyed by this morning!



Oct 19, 2018
First I want to say my husband is awesome! He does so much and is super supportive. Works very hard. And helps lots.

That doesn't mean things are always perfect! Most mornings I get up with the kids and let him sleep in. The kids have been a real challenge lately. Today I was getting super annoyed and letting it show.
I finally called for hubby to PLEASE WAKE UP! By then I was fuming. I still stayed to help but got increasingly annoyed.
It bugs me that he assumes I'll just do the morning stuff. I'm happy to most days but when I need help, I NEED help. It was one of those mornings where he was getting resentful because I 'get to rest all day long and do what I want'. When really I try hard to do whatever I can and if I'm resting it's because I feel broken and achy and cannot function.
I'm doing so much more then I was even a month ago. I'm proud of that so it's upsetting to get a you-have-it-good response when I'm just starting to do better. And I try so hard not to ask for help.
It makes me feel like my efforts are futile that the more I'm doing is far from good enough. Instead of a kudos for improvement.
I'm home all day because I'm too sick to work. Not because I'm a pampered, kept woman who should at least be taking care of the kids.
Just needed to vent. I hate this. Especially after doing really well. It's such a bumpy road to recovery.


Well-known member
Sep 7, 2018
West Midlands
Sorry you felt so annoyed, men are a nuisance sometimes aren't they. They seem to be in their man bubble and they just cannot see out.

They also seem switched off and when the poop is hitting the fan they just can't see it.

I hope you are feeling better now, and tomorrow will be better for you.
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