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Angry when woken



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Jul 3, 2008
I've had subconcious episodes for quite some time now, it is always after alcohol but the amount of alchohol needed to induce these episodes is dropping.

Usually it involves the usual wanting to urinate somewhere I'm not supposed to which can be quite amusing! however recently I've become more aggresive and if I am disturbed during sleep I start to shout and argue with my girlfriend about anything and nothing, I don't realise whats happening and wake up gradually during the argument, by which time my girlfriend has usually been angered enough to carry on the argument. These episodes happen every couple of months.

I am not a angry person, I am very assertive but never unfair and I rarely lose my temper unless I'm really pushed, but still I never get violent in any situation, so it can be really wierd to be told that in the night I woke up and pushed my girlfriend out of the way or screamed at her about nothing and then not remember a thing about it.

We're just about to move in together and I don't want these episodes to continue, the obvious answer would be to stop drinking, but I don't drink excessively and do enjoy having a few pints with my friends. Does anyone have any advice or similar problems?


Just because you think you don't drink excessively doesn't mean to say that drinking can't adversely affect your life. You've already identified the solution. If you want more advice on that do a search for AA and see what they say.

When I went to AA it was forever drummed into me that alcohol is a problem when it costs you more than money and you've just described how it costs you more than money.

However, no one can tell you if it's a problem or what to do, only you can do that.

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