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Angry, raw hatred, at the world



Not all the time, sometimes I have such a rage at things, a boiling burning rage at the idiocy of the world. The people who shout who should whisper. The fools, morons and certain c*nts who cross my path unaware of the rage boiling away inside. Mostly I express it through micro-aggression that almost always goes unnoticed by the insensistive masses. A dropped piece of littering near a rubbish bin etc...it is how I get even, buying a 5p carrier bag too show I'm willing to pay for their downfall. Planet can burn for all I care the way I've been treat in life.

Ramson mash

Well-known member
Feb 1, 2019
Get that hatred out. Take up boxing or martial arts. No good sitting around being a c*nt then blaming the world for it.


I'm buying a model of The Enola Gay. Micro-aggression, too old for martial arts.