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Angry rantings - 'normal' with Bipolar?



Jun 21, 2009
Before i start.. this angry mood and the thoughts/feelings associated with it disappear as quickly as they appear and i NEVER intend on acting on about them.

Twice in a week i've had sudden intense anger, which has lead me to ranting on about humans (Please no one be offended, i can't control these thoughts).. I feel so angry at humans, in my mind i start saying that humans are vile, they sicken me and every single one of them as done something worthy to warrant death. I get so angry i'm almost in tears, telling myself humans should be eradicated. When i was going through one of these moods last week i saw a little child playing and i smiled for second then the anger started again, i thought that sweet innocent child is going to become a vile human, and she should be killed to prevent that. I hate thinking like this, when it passes i just break down in tears :cry:

I'm not a danger, i swear i wouldn't/couldn't hurt anything, other than myself. It lasts about an hour most then i end up feeling down for hours afterwards. I haven't been told yet whether i have bipolar.. but this anger is it something that can be caused by bipolar? Can anyone relate?

Sorry if my post upset anyone :(


If people were honest then everyone would relate - but people are not honest.


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Jun 21, 2009
I hope the fact some stranger cares enough about you to write an e-mail, may help restore some faith in human kinds ???

I found that stress management helped with the anger, and bi-polar would just exhagerate the moods stress brought on. Yoga - swimming, walks in the countryside, all that good stuff. Bit boring, but it worked. Failing that your phyciatrist has some heafty chemical solutions you might enquire about.

Also found being around low stressed people, charitable people, helped remind me that there is some good in human nature (Ying and Yang and all that:grouphug:).

Good luck, wish you all the best.

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