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Anger - Bipolar 2 - Self Harm



I'm just wondering, if anyone has anger issues; with
There Bipolar diagnosis if it is a symptom?
I'm really struggling with rage at minor
Things. Really minor things. It's been this
Way for months. I really think I need adjustment?
Made in my medication. My doctor said
To go to the ER when I feel this way.
My therapist is trying to work with me
On coping skills. I have 2 coping skills that
Really work. I can't always just run to the
ER like my psych says. My therapist
Says if it includes severe self harm
And a safety issue to go.

I'm just angry all the time and I feel
It in my body. I want to self harm to
Lessen the tension in my body.

Anyone else have this going on?
I also have borderline personality disorder with
The bipolar 2. Depression, anxiety,



Well-known member
Nov 27, 2014

Yes I have this. I can say that it is the worst thing I experience. Mine is periodic, lasting 2-3 days, maybe a week I don't know but not a month. Mine is in mixed episode. I'm energetic, depressive, racing thoughts, anger, want to harm myself etc. It is like I will loose my mind. I don't want to remember it but yes I have and yes mine is because of the bipolar disorder.
Talk to your pdoc.
I was in maintenance treatment with a mood stabilizer but it was not enough to stop these rapid cycling mixed episodes. Then my pdoc added antipsychotic and I'm better.