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An Uneasiness with Hangin Out

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Oct 17, 2019
Does anyone else experience anxiety at the thought of hanging out at a friends house?

Even when there was always peace and harmony and a great time at the friends.

Ever since [¡ptsd] now its like, impossible to gather comfort in the thought of being at someones house for longer than a minute.

Im too scared. Im too scared of things moving, and intimate space between us. Sitting there with my mind settling. When my mind settles, im no longer in reality. I have to be at my own home for comfort, for this reason. I cannot break down too much physically too far from home. It would then be a big embarrassment.

Anyone relate?

What yous think?... to do about this?


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Mar 31, 2015
I don't know if it's the same, but since I was in my late 20s I've really hated just "hanging out" at friends' places. No matter how comfortable I am around them, I'm UNcomfortable sitting around at their house.

For instance, say a bunch of friends have made plans to go out somewhere for lunch or dinner as well as a general day out, but then the weather's terrible...and so the plans change so we just sit at someone's house all day and eat the meals there. I still go, but it makes me feel SO disappointed, bored and stressed! I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

I prefer going out because it's neutral territory, different scenery and stimuli, and when I want to leave I can. I know I can leave the house too, but it just feels easier if it's a neutral place.