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An Opportunity to Challenge Societies View of Mental Health



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May 19, 2009
1) The purpose of the research?

Challenging societies view of Mental Health.

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and writer for Psychologies magazine. I am embarking on an independent photographic piece, which examines the way we view Mental Health.

I will be photographing between 50-100 people - half of which are Mental Health Professionals (Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, etc) and the other half are people with a diagnosed Mental Health problem.

The intention of this piece is to challenge how society views Mental Health: – What does it look like? – How, as a society do we judge it, and the people who suffer? – What thoughts do we project onto these images and what does it makes us feel?

I strongly believe that stigmatism is preventing growth in the Mental Health field. I wish to challenge societal views on Mental Health and through this project I intend to provide a space where people can reflect upon the thoughts they attach to the images.

Naturally, people will want to know who is the Professional and who is the Mental Health sufferer. For this purpose the identities are deliberately protected, and will remain so. Only until you can establish where your own stigmatism lie, can you then begin to challenge it.

For Mental Health professionals it’s an opportunity to take a step down from the ivory tower and view Mental Health from a different perspective. Challenge views on the concept of madness and explore individual experiences of being ‘amongst’ such sufferers - as equals.

The project is intended for Exhibition.

If you would like to be involved in this fundamental project, please contact me on the details below or PM me and I will get in touch.

I hope you will join me in changing the face and the fear of mental health.

2.) Who is funding the research?

I am personally funding the project. The images are intended for exhibition, I will travel to you (London and the South East) and the images will not be used for any other purposes other than this piece.

3.) What ethics committee has approved the research?

I work under the ethical committee of UKCP of which I am registered. This can be viewed at:

4.) Your name, contact details and the name of the institution/university/organisation etc. in which you are located.

All my information can be accessed, verified and contacted through the below.

Emma Baskerville http://www.emmabaskerville.com

UKCP Registered and Accredited.http://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/
SPCP Professional Member (School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology, City University London).http://www.spc.ac.uk/registered_mediators.aspx
BACP Member. http://www.bacp.co.uk/
CCC Reg. (Counselling Code of Conduct) http://www.counselling.ltd.uk/member/7915.html
Psychologies Magazine http://www.psychologies.co.uk/Coachi...skerville-Emma
MA. (Psych and Counselling)
Adip. Integrative Psychotherapy.

[email protected]
07905 925 849

5.) The name and contact details of a supervisor whom we may contact if you are a student.

I am not a student, I have been in private practice for some years. However, as part of my ethical guidelines, I remain supervised. My Supervisor is the Honarary UKCP member Heward Wilkinson who can be contacted via [email protected].


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