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An old memember but new to posting!



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Jan 22, 2010
lincoln, uk
Hi all,

I'm Wobbly, I've been on this site for quite a while, but as one of those watchers and never really posting, but I have started writing my journal now, so I thought it was time I said hello and introduced myself.
I wonder if I introduce myself, or my bonkerness here?
Maybe both?
I'm 32, a single mum to three wonderful children - 5,6,and 8. Life is pretty mad without being mad myself! I'm really into all animals, expecially exotics although cicumstances mean I only keep snakes tha moment.
Bonkerness - well I've self harmed since I was 8 although had a ten year gap between the ages of 21 and 31 where I didn't really do much.
Last March I had a breakdown and went into phycosis, recovered by about July, my husband left me in Oct 09 and I went mad again by Dec 09 and am still battling to come out of it.
I hear voices, have paranoia, see things, have missions set by my two voices - who I name Dick and Dom - as sometimes that makes me smile even on the bad days.
Sorry this section didn't ask for a essay!

Well welcome, I hope to make some new friends and be able to help others

Wobbly x


:welcome: I hope you find this forum as friendly and supportive as I have.

I have found writing a journal here very therapeutic, I hope you get some positives from writing yours too.:)


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Apr 28, 2010
Hello and welcome,I'm new to.My daughter has a terminal illness(see below) so some days I think I am going mad with grief to!You keep snakes:eek: I think THAT makes you mad more than Dick and Dom:D

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