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An odd one...



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Jul 5, 2009
Dorset, UK
Hi Everyone,

Well, this is a bit kind of strange, and from what my mental health professionals have told me over the many years, this is not common...

Does anybody have a phobia of a celebrity/famous person?

I find it extremely difficult. I can't say his name, I can't look at him, hear him, see his name, or anything remotely related to him, even if someone in the non celebrity world has the same first name or surname. I even get panic attacks when I see his initials on something ridiculous like a car number plate.

It doesn't help that I also get hallucinations of this person, it's like I can never ever escape him, and I'm not quite sure how I can deal with it any longer, as it's been over 7 years that this has been a problem for me.

Love and Hugs

x x x


Dec 13, 2009
All phobias are essentially the same. Therefore I see nothing odd with this one. Name any object on the planet and someone somewhere probably has a phobia of it.
Your celebrity is just a trigger to the same emotional and physical responses. How are you being treated for it?

Have you tried exposure/graduation? (i.e. starting with something small like the initials and working up a video of the celebrity)