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An Alternative View to Social Anxiety



New member
Jul 1, 2009
Hello all.

My reason for writing this statement is to offer an alternative point of view and possibly a solution to the Social Anxiety condition.

Firstly, I'd like to start by saying that what I'm about to present has taken around eight years of continuous study and isn't a simple theory that I've just thrown together. Secondly, I'd like to add that I'm not trying to sell anything, or alter anyone's belief system. My intention for this statement is purely to offer an alternate view and possible solution to this condition and in no way an attempt to gain anything personally. All I ask is that people who suffer from Social Anxiety, or people who don't suffer but just live with the condition please read this statement and give it some serious thought.

To start with, please create a separation between the human brain and mind, and the human heart and soul. Please imagine that thoughts and feelings can either be created and experienced in the mind, but also created and experienced in the heart. This is a good place to be in before you read the statement as I want everyone reading to be aware that there is a very real division between the physical world and the etheric non-physical world.

I'm a believer in that the brain is the mind, it's the part that defines a human in all dualistic ways. It's the part that makes one aware that they're a male or a female, that they are rich or poor, black or white, fat or thin.. etc. These are the physical factors that work hand in hand with the current physical five sensory reality. The mental mind is the ego of a person and the amount of ego ranges from person to person depending on how much they use the mental mind to define themselves. Thoughts created in the mind are rarely original, meaning that they are based on routines, mental systems and conditioning.

Consciousness in it's rawest state is the heart so the heart is YOU, so to speak. It's the part that is completely undefinable. It never ages, it's never evil and certainly can't possess any illness. The heart is a etheric mind that is capable of producing original thoughts and feelings. In fact, in my experience, when a thought is created in the heart, it's always very positive which guides my actions productively and therefore doesn't effect anyone else negatively.

In the last twenty years or so, the human mind has been so bombarded with conditioning factors from technology, fashions and cultures mainly driven into the mind buy the television that a huge disconnection to the heart mind has occurred. This disconnection I speak of is a vital problem to address in order to understand what (in my opinion) Social Anxiety actually is. I shall now explain.

People radiate an etheric energy. This energy ranges from a harsh materialistic and egotistical energy right up to less harsh and more compassionate energy that is less visual. The more materialistic a person is, the more they need to invade other people's five sensory system in order to be noticed. The less materialistic a person is, the less they will do to be noticed. So, the etheric energy radiated by people ranges from harsh to mellow.

When a person has a Social Anxiety attack, or just feels 'those feelings' it's because one is reading the vibrational output of another human or humans. The feelings I'm referring to are the ones of panic, blushing, depletion of energy, sickness etc.

A person can feel other people's vibrational output when they primarily conduct themselves from the heart mind. So, my key point in the statement is that (in my opinion) Social Anxiety is in fact an extra sensory ability! Another common term for extra sensory ability is Psychic. Yes, that's right... I believe and know that Social Anxiety is a symptom of a Psychic ability and have studied this extensively since my discovery was made.

Please take a moment to ponder this statement and remember the times that we've all walked into a room and felt attacked by energy and how small we feel. It's not that we are small, it's because we are very receptive of other people's true feelings. We, as receptive beings feel other peoples pain, other peoples happiness and all the stuff in between. Is it any wonder that we feel like we want to collapse in a sweaty mess on the floor?!

This now leads me to my next points about the current treatment for Social Anxiety and most importantly, the benefits of being receptive to etheric energies.

Firstly, I'd like to explain my problems with current commercial treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder. I know that a lot of people reading this will be on medications and will have a lot of trust in them and I'd like to say that in no way do I wish to come across as insulting or disrespectful. I can't help it if what I say conflicts with any current belief systems but if it does, I apologise in advance.

Medical science considers that Social Anxiety resides in the mental mind so they've created a host of medications, theories and practices in order to combat it. This is a five sensory and dualistic approach to an extra sensory occurrence. So, in other words, the mental mind has created a solution for a problem that they think resides within the mental mind, which in my opinion, it does not. If this is the case, the medications or mental exercises serve no real purpose.

The medications are designed to trap a person in the mind, so they're thoughts and feelings are established within the mind and the medication builds a huge wall between the mental mind and the heart mind. The medications add to all of the current technological conditioning from the TV that do exactly the same thing. I don't want to sound like too much of a conspiracy theorist here, but it wouldn't put it past to big pharmaceutical companies to cover up the extra sensory abilities that people can possess in order to make a load of money by calling it Social Anxiety?

It all comes down to a simple questions that only the individual Social Anxiety sufferer can ask themselves which is.... Do I want to be disconnected from the heart mind, or not? Do I want to learn more about my extra sensory ability, or not? I appreciate for some, the answer could be no on both counts, and I'm not hear to preach so I'll say no more about that.

The benefits to being connected to the heart mind or living as an extra sensory being are as follow. Once you learn to process and convert the feelings that one takes on board from others, you can be in a position to highlight negative issues in other people. I do not mean cast judgement, I mean, one is able to see possible inner pain or problems in others and can do productive things to help them. It's very hard to explain, but once one makes the etheric connection, all becomes clear. Also, an extra sensory being can learn to strengthen their intent through positive heart based thoughts in order to help others. This is what Reiki / hands on healers do for example.

Receptive people can also take on board energies from others and release them positively back into the world through art work, making music and even just radiating love to all things through being themselves free from mental ego.

I obviously believe that the heart mind is the part that every human on the planet should be aware of and learn to live from. This mind when I rediscovered it made me very complete. I still have those anxious feelings, but now I understand them. I certainly do not consider being receptive an illness or disorder! I've lived for years now as a receptive beckon and can sense real vibratory feelings that people radiate even when their material world is working hard to cover them up. Personally I'd rather spend my life helping people rather than hiding away thinking I had a mental illness problem which is what I was doing previously.

The heart mind also works hand in hand with the universal Laws of Attraction, so life on all levels gets better when residing there.

If anyone is wondering a good way to re-establish a connection with the heart mind, the main thing I can recommend is meditation, meditation and then some meditation.

I guess this is the end of my statement, I hope finds you well. Thank you for reading. Much love.

If anyone wishes to contact me directly, my email is [email protected]

Steev R.

PS... Web site owners, if you think this statement can be helpful and productive to others, please make this post a sticky, I'd be absolutely thrilled. Hopefully this site isn't owned by a pharmaceutical company, haha.


Hello & welcome to the site.

It is interesting what you have written. I see things as threefold - the physical, mental & spiritual. I don't see any separation between these levels, they are simply different aspects or components of the whole. Holistic (Wholistic) therapies often seek to redress the balance & bring integration, healing & wholeness to the individual. Wholeness, completeness can be considered to be true wellness. The mind can often be looked at in terms of being the psyche, the soul, the heart. In the West there is a mind/body split, often with denial of the Soul. I think it is more accurate to say that there is no mind/body split - that we are a singular organism, a whole being. The body itself has an intelligence that is also of the mind, (the central nervous system, lymphatic, & other intelligence systems of the body).

I do think that a valid perspective to view mental illness, is in terms of soul sickness, or of a kind of separation, or lack of awareness of the spiritual aspects of the self - an imbalance. I do think that a similar thing is happening underlying much of the different MH labels.

Meditation & energy healing arts such as Reiki, are very beneficial, I think. I try to address things in this threefold way - with things that address holistically - the physical, mental & spiritual.

Are some people psychic? For want of a better word, then yes, I think that some people are. I would say that this is a hyper sensitivity. An awareness of a range of things that most people are not ordinarily aware.


The Journey from the head to the heart is the longest Journey that you will ever undertake.
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