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Apple Star

Apple Star

May 26, 2009
Worthing, South England
Hi!! At the moment I'm going through recovery from various eating disorders, mainly bulimia and purging, and have just started to put a little weight back on!

However, I have amennorhea (Absence of periods), which I have had before for about a year, and since then my periods have been irregular or entirely absent for long periods of times.

At the moment it's been five months, and I think that it's just a case of putting weight back on till a reach a healthy amount for myself, and then my periods will naturally start again!

Nevertheless, I'm still a little anxious about it, and I can't find much reassurance on the internet. I'm worried that they may not return, or at least not soon, and I'm not sure how dangerous that is for my health and body.

I know I'm scared about becoming infertile or getting osteoporosis, and I know my boyfriend doesn't really understand it, but is even more worried than me!!

I guess I'm asking if anyone can reassure me, or has any advice, as to how this might affect me, or if my periods will come back and I will be fertile again?

Thank you very much for reading this, and if you have any advice I will be very grateful! Thanks again :) xx



Former member
Hi Apple

I can't say for you because everybodies body is different. When I was a teenager with my ED i actually didn't suffer with ammenorhea, the doctors were amazed as i was a BMI 13. However when I last got ill I suffered with ammenorhea for over two years. But when I got back to a normal weight they came back, and have been like clockwork ever since, no missed ones or anything.
A friend of mine has been underweight for ten years and suffered with ammenorhea all that time however even though she has not put weight on her periods came back out of the blue a couple of years ago. Another friend of mine was a normal weight for a year and a half before hers started again. So there is no hard and fast rule. With regards to fertility, well again everyone is different, again, you would probably have to go through fertility tests to see if your ED has affected it. If you are worried you can ask your GP for an ovarian scan, to see what is happening.
With regards to Osteoporosis, yes abscence of periods can mean that you are not developing eostrogen which is what women need to help absorb calcium into their bones (hence after you go through the menopause you are more prone to it). Only a bone density scan can confirm this. I developed Osteopoenia due to my ED, which is kind of a warning signal that if I didn't get better I could develop Osteoporsis, so I have to take extra calcium tablets and another tablet to help my bones absorb that calcium. But apparently you can recover from Osteopoenia if you undertake the treatment and your periods come back. My GP thinks that because my periods have come back that it is likely that the osteopoenia will go and my bones will start recovering their density. I can not have another bone scan for a year or two, so have to keep on with the treatment until then.
I would see your GP, and see if you can get the appropriate scans if you are worried. Hope that helps.