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am schizophrenic interview for partners



Aug 9, 2014
Hello. I have been a schizophrenic for 13 years and counting. I claim esa support group and dla on low for care and mobility.
My partner got a letter saying that she has to go for a work focused interview for partners. Will they make her work ? She looks after me all day. I dont go out and my illness stops me from doing every day to day things. I have got care plans from mental health doctors and my gp For her to take into the interview.

Will the job centre be okay if my partner says thats she cares for someone with severe mental health issues allday and i need close monitoring That is stops my partner looking for work?

my partner doesnt claim carers allowance But she is registered carer with carelink apart of the nhs system

Please please help as her interview is on Wednesday.
Thanks in advanced


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Dec 8, 2012
north east england
As far as I am aware they are standard my husband doesn't have to and he is my carer we also got an appointment for interview we went they asked if there was any help he needed and we explained the situation