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Am I?



New member
Jun 22, 2009
I'm unsure as to what's wrong with me I just know the way I'm behaving is not normal.
Most of the time I feel really depressed and during this time spend most of my days in my room crying and feeling sorry for myself. When I'm feeling like this thought go through my head like im useless and no one would notice if I just disappeared. The other day these thought were running through my head and I thought I really need to get out of my head I just wanted to not be able to hear my thought anymore, if that makes sense.
Other days I feel normal but I'm too scared to go out beacuse whenever I do I have to be quiet and not talk to anyone because my mood can change at any minute and I'm scared I'll just burst into tears and snap at someone to start an arguement.
I was wondering is this signs of being bipolar at all? I just want to know what wrong with me and try to become me again because right now I don't even recognise myself :(


Jun 21, 2009
Thats sounds alot like me when in a depressive phase *hugs*
Do you have highs too, when you feel really positive, and think 'I can do anything' etc? Or do you just have a constant low mood?