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Am i too skinny?



Oct 16, 2009
Hi.I dont know if im too skinny or not.I do eat its just sometimes i feeel so crap about myself that i dont.People say im too skinny and someone asked me if i was ill.I used to get called fat at school so i lost alot of weight with dieting and stuffs.My ribs stick out but i have really big ribs anyhoos but i have to hide in the changing rooms now cos people act really shocked and like disgousted even though i dont look that skinny cos i have a big tummy but i just have big ribs too.Im 14 maybey about 5.3 and i weigh 6 and a half-7 stone.Helps :(


Active member
Oct 9, 2009
Going on the Body Mass Index it says that you have a BMI of 17.39 which is underweight it needs to be more about 20. However it does not take into account age and during puberty it differs but i would say yes you are slightly underweight.

Dont worry about what people say about your weight. It is not everything if you do not have a supermodel body. Some of the kindest girls I know are ones who are on the larger size. As people used to say you were fat i can see why you lost the weight however you now need to put a bit back on to be a "healthy" weight.




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Oct 10, 2009
London, UK
I have the same problem, people always ask me if i eat (which i do) my mum is always panicking that im too thin but i think thats just my body. As i get older my bones just seem to want to poke out more. shrug, if you're eating a reasonable amount of good food regularly then i dont think it matters what shape your body is or how it appears to others. Im sure they woudnt like to be scrutinised.
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