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Am I suffering from Schizophrenia or any other mental illness?



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Oct 26, 2018
About me.

Age: 20 yrs, Residence: India, Education: Currently in college.

I am listing my possible symptoms below:

Lost in thought. Nowadays I spent most of the time deep in thoughts where I am living a completely different life.The more time I spent on those thoughts the more I lose touch with reality. Most of the time I cannot stop thinking. Yesterday I only stopped thinking when I hit one of the furniture while I was thinking and walking. Most of the time I walk while I think. Here is one of the examples of what life I live in my thoughts: "This one I started having from 3 months ago. In this thought I am a footballer and living the life of the footballer. The horrifying thing about this is I am spending say close to 1 hour in this thought(it never happens together in small intervals say of 7-8 mins but it happens throught out the day) and I live all parts of a footballers life from training, playing matches, doing press conference, travelling, having family. Its horrifying because it feels very real". I currently live 2-3 other lives in one of which I am a famous businessman and other I am the PM.

Lack of concentration. I think I havent been able to concentrate in a thing straight for more than 20 minutes. Most of the time I am trying a thing for say 7-8 min, then I get up from my seat and spent next 10 min deep in thoughts. Even when I have exam on the next day I am still unable to concentrate. Two months ago I have an examination and I had two day to prepare for it, what I did was I spent all the time like this not being able to concentrate. I always knew I havent read a single thing about it and tried to sit down and study but without any success. I only got to sit down and study only when I had 2 hrs left before the exam. This is not only one instance it is happening with me with almost every exam I just cant sit down and study at all irrespective of whether I like the subject or not. Even while writing this post I could not count the number of times I got lost in thought.

Feeling of superiority. Sometimes I feel I am a superior being, I am much more mature and much smarter and feel my friends or family will never be able to understandand me or do what I can do.

Struggling with the basics of daily life. I have stopped taking care of myself. My mom has been asking me for past 2 weeks to get a shave and get a haircut because they are looking awfully bad and I am completely aware of the fact. I havent applied any soap or lotion to feets for months even though the climate is very dry. I dont cut my finger nails on time and hardly care how I look. I face trouble staying on schedule or finishing what they start. Sometime when I start something I am unable to complete it. I have started around 30 courses on coursera in 2 years but havent completed any. On average I complete first two weeks in 2-3 days then I abandon it.

Lost connection with the society. I havent had a meaningful conversation with anyone for months and I hardly talk with anyone without my needs. I dont like attending any event. Even when some of friends make plans to go out and invite me though I sometimes go out with them but most of the time I feel like staying at home inspite of knowing I will have a great time with them.

Other symptoms. loss of pleasure or interest, difficulty in remembering, difficulty in understanding instruction.

It would be of great help if someone can guide me what I should do now. If I should consult a physician should I consult someone in general medicine or any kind of specialist.


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Oct 26, 2018
It's really tough to work from thought patterns. The best way to diagnose, is to start with your practical daily function, including interacting with people. Then isolate why your psychology inhibits and how it affects your ability to function. Like, you have beliefs or suspicions about people around you.

I would guess you need to see a psychiatrist.

With regards to your ideation, delusion you would actually believe you're a footballer not fantasise where you are.

The personal care sounds like you're depressed.

But you really need to see a psychiatrist, and I would start with what your practical daily routine should be in your mind, and what is causing this to deviate.

With depression this can manifest lethargy, so it might be that. You need a doctor.
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