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Am I normal?



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Dec 11, 2008

Im new to this site, and im worried that maybe i should go see m GP (again). For months now I've been going through very up and down phases, and I dont know if I might be bi-polar or depressed or whatever.
Sometimes I can go for 2 to 3 weeks as happy as anyone could be. I feel fresh, awake, lively, and interested in things. I dont take any notice of jokes and things like that.
Then other times I get really low and dont feel right at all. I forget to eat cause I dont feel hungry, and the smallest things can make me feel like im sinking further. Even really small sarcastic comments from someone that id usually just joke back to. Im getting a really bad twitch too, I feel like I need to blink all of the time, and screw my eyes up really tight to try and make it stop, i think people are noticing.
I went to my GP when I was having a really low point bout 6 months ago and he told me to eat better and get more exercies. Im pretty good with food now, but when im low i struggle to go to work let alone exercise. Some days I just send them an email saying im sick cause I feel so bad.

I've got problems in my life, but then so does everyone right? Ive always managed before, so have no idea why im like this now.

Has anyone else felt like this? what do you think I should do? When im happy I keep thinking its gone and im ok, and ill stay happy. then when it hits i just feel in dispair. Ive had some really tough times when i was a young teenager, and I never once felt like this. What do you think I should do?


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May 30, 2008
The first point of call should be your GP as these symptomes can be related to depleted iron, vitamins or perhaps a thyroid disorder and many more besides. The cycling nature of the mood suggests a disorder similar to bi-polar but as you will hear form other forumites you need a clinical assesment and formal diagnosis. Good luck to you though. :flowers:


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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Hi and :welcome: first and foremost :).

I think maybe another visit to your GP is in order. Tell him everything you've posted here. If you think you're going to get stuck take this post with you. Your GP can then decide the best course of action to take. S/he could refer you to a MH team or he could choose to carry out blood tests etc first to see if your mood swings are caused by something physical - each GP's different!
The worst thing to do is self diagnose, so just try not to worry :hug:

When I was diagnosed with depression my GP back in told me to eat right and exercise (kinda hard when suicidal feelings are so strong!) and I didn't want to eat. I was put on AD's which caused a manic episode and it's been a 2 year "battle" with GP's, MH professionals etc. I think mine was down to my age as I'm only 21 and they were trying to find another cause before a MH one!
If you don't think you're getting anywhere with your GP, you could maybe ask to change to a different one?

Take care :flowers:
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