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Am I Manic?



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Nov 5, 2009
hi, guys..

My thoughts, like I am thinking of five different things at once.

Also then i feel like have mor power and I don't need to sleep. Also though only mu and dad are in the house I can feel different people's presences in the house and I can connect with them, some good and none bad. And I went from content to really happy, within minutes. I keep having to use spell check to correct my words and like I can't stop laughing even though there nothing to laugh about.

Shall I tell someone I feel this way?

I kep getting thoughts like, 'I can contact Aztecs through my TV' and I want to buy another TV to contact more. Ad and I really think I can :D

Is there anyone I can tell that can help??>


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May 2, 2010
Hi Affective,

Alot of what you have said i can relate to when i am hyper and heading towards manic,the last manic episode i had resulted in my contacting a rekki master and asking him to come around to my house to remove a presence that i was sure was following me around the house...i ended up in hospital over that one !!so my advice would be to ring the pdoc or gp before it goes too far out of hand it may well be that your meds need adjusting.
The need for less sleep is an early indaction for me that i am heading up,another is i don't finish a sentence before i start another one etc and then get annoyed that i am not understood.
My house ends up looking like a tornado hit as i start multiple tasks and don't finish a single one.
The enjoyable feelings and clarity are long gone and i end up saying and doing things i would never normally consider.

Anyway hope there is some sense in this reply .
Take care and stay safe :grouphug:
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