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Am I making friends the wrong way?



Aug 31, 2018
My driving instructor got me into the sport he plays (ice hockey) and when he eventually found out (I didn't want to tell him in case he thought I was copying him) he sounded genuinely happy or excited, he liked the idea anyway... enthusiastic that we might even be on the same team someday...

Anyway, in the UK now we have a national lockdown and I haven't spoken to him for about a month and won't be able to for another couple more, so thought I'd message him asking how he was and whatnot, and to my surprise he actually replied...And seemed almost happy to talk to me by the words he used. We messaged back and forth throughout the day and then I asked him something and he never replied after that...but he saw it (WhatsApp). Is that a bad sign?

Of course I don't really need a reply, I was just asking him about ice hockey. It's not important.

I know I sound needy, it's just that I have barely any friends and no social skills, so it makes me desperate to make friends. But I'm honestly not as needy as I sound...

Should I just ignore it and maybe message him again in a few weeks and just see if he replies then? I will randomly just message him, have done for over a year, just asking him random questions about ice hockey or driving, and he always responds favourably really...

It happens all the time when I message acquaintances from work, and while I think they like me, they also don't really respond... Is it me or them?

I only asked what team he supports, so like I said not really an important question, I just can't help but overthink it. I normally just wait for a couple of says if people don't reply to me, just to give them a chance, and to be fair he has taken 5 days to reply before...
At thw end of the day though, most of the time, if I don't want to give up with someone I just message later on, maybe 2-3+ weeks and just ignore their no-response, and then they reply...

I have father issues, so with people I look up to, while they have never reciprocated unfortunately, it makes me paranoid and kind of obsessive and clingy sometimes...


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May 6, 2017
May I ask how old you are compared to him?

There's a difference between a person like a teacher or instructor being friendly and wanting to be friends outside of what they do.

He may not feel it's appropriate to be friends with someone outside of his age range or who's a student of his.

If you're interested there are friendship/dating sites that are for people with mental health difficulties.
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