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AM i depressed?



New member
Jun 28, 2009
Hi everyone, new to this forum just signed up today. I was wondering if anyone can help me try to figure out my mess in my head. I have had issues with my weight for years and after god knows how many appointments with my doctors she refered me to a councellor. I had a couple of sessions and felt really drained, on my second session she asked me if i wanted to come back - i felt like she didn't think i needed it so i said no. I now think i should have said yes! I am going to contact her again to resume these sessions.

Anyway, why i am asking if i am depressed is the fuzz in my head. I feel anxious all the time, i am struggling at work with the pressure, iam a bridesmaid in seven weeks and i am so scared i will let her down, look horrible in the dress or mess things up and be a dissapointment. I do feel like a dissapointment a lot of the time. I can't sleep properly, i am tearful and sometimes at the most innapropriate times. Im lonely, even when i have a strong network of friends. I feel so overwhelmed at times that i feel myself getting angry for no reason.

The councellor talked about my home and i miss it so much. I live in Slough but come from Yorkshire originaly. I've mentioned to my parents about coming back but they make me feel like they don't want me. I have lived here for over four years and i don't feel like i fit in. I don't go out, I don't have any social life really. God i sound so self pittying and melodramatic - i'm sorry.

I just feel so lost i don't know what to do for the best. Please if anyone can help let me know :)


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Apr 4, 2008
Welcome to the forum Lozza. There will be other people on here that know how you feel. Brouse around and have a look art some of the threads in the depression section.
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