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am i being unreasonable??



Oct 18, 2009
i live in stirlingshire, scotland
Hi I have something that is bothereing me and has been for a couple of months now.... I was at a night out at a friends hose a few moths ago now and i had a falling out with a so called "friend"... this came about as she had stolen some of my cigs, i know that it sounds petty but all she had do do was ask and i would have giver her some probably more than she took behind my back... i feel very angry towards her as its like she has taken me for a fool.. we were close for about a year and i don't know what happened her boyfriend started on me a while b4 this all happened and said that i was arrogant and stood towering over me for a good hour shouting and calling me all the names under the sun i never retaliated and just took what he had to say which hurt and a couple pf days later i thought from the way that they were talking and treating me things were back to normal but obviously not.
this so called friend on this particualr night started off with little jibes that she would know would wind me up and upset me such as she told me that i had B.O which i knowe i didn't as i was in the bath only 30 mins b4 i went out but i am consious of this as when i was at high school ( i know that was a long time ago) i got chaced through the school by a group of girls spraying deodarent and perfume behind me cause they said i was smelly..i know i am going off the subject now...
Any ways on the night in question she started off with small things like that and as the night went on and we had had a bit to drink she went and took the cigs this really upset and made me soooo angry as i have never refused her anything..i had bought the drink for this night for 4 people and on many other occasions for me and her....
I have only spoken to her twice since this and she said she done it for a laugh but surely if it was for a laugh she would have come out and said that it was her rather than denying it all the time???? and hte second occasion was when she was inviting me to a party but i am sure she had other motives for this as she has not spoken to me or answered text messages or anything since then...
down to the point i am wanting your opinion on....am i wrong to still feel so angry about this??? it get so bad some times that i think of ways to try and hurt her so bad that i want to get her children taken away from her!!!
is this right to feel like this even after nearly 3 months??


Oct 17, 2009
your "friend" sounds as though she has never grown up from her school days. what exactly is funny about taking something from someone else?
she seems to enjoy upsetting you and clearly she has really hit the mark which is why you are still upset. it's not wrong that you are still angry, but to me it shows just what a massive negative influence this person is on you. having been in this sort of friendship before my advice would be that unless the good times with her out weigh the bad, end the friendship, you don't deserve that kind of treatment and humiliation.

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