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Am I being unreasonable?



New member
Aug 21, 2009
Hi everyone, this my first post here. Been suffering from panic attacks/argophobia with a little bit depression thrown in for good measure for the last 2 years and been finding it really hard to leave the house and usually only do so with when I have my partner with me. I think I've always had anxiety because I can't remember a point when I wasn't anxious or worried about something, started having panic attacks about 7 years ago and it got really really bad about 2 years ago leading me to signing off work. I'm making steps towards dealing with my condition but in the last week got thrown for a loop when I discovered that my landlord can't pay his mortage and the flat is being repossesed.

With all the worries that naturally come with such a shock my main concern is my cats as if we are made homeless we could be put in emergency housing that doesn't allow pets and I was told by the council to be prepared for that and make arrangments. At first glance it looks undeniably stupid but cats are a major major coping mechinism for me, during one of the many nights when I can't sleep it's stroking one of my boys thats helps calm me, when I'm so tightly wound I can't breath it's having a purring 15lb hunk of fluff come up to me that helps me relax, when I'm so depressed that I can't get out of bed it's knowing that they can't open a tin of cat food themselves that gets me out of bed and watching my kittens playing and being incredibly cute is one of the few things that can raise a smile one my face.

My partner is recovering from a back op and was told that he didn't need to worry, they would sure he got somewhere on the ground floor and asked him what else he needed to be comfortable and I asked about my needs and what I needed to help me as since we got the news I have been feeling so low I wonder why I even bother trying to go on.

I was made to feel so silly today by the lady that was supposed to be helping and she said provisions where only made in the past for people that had physical disabilities and needed their animals (like a guide dog I imagine) and that I was being unreasonable if I would rather be homeless than give up my cats (I'd rather they put us on the list than wait until the 11th and the "offical" order to quit comes through but that can't be done).

I may not be at the stage where I can get back to work but I was slowly making progress and starting to get out more and moving forward, this whole mess is starting to set me back to the dark place I was in 2 years ago just because of 1 rule. How unreasonable am I being (be honest) about this as I keep banging on about it to my poor OH, family and friends and most people either say get over it or don't worry it won't happen.

(Sorry for massive wall of text once I started typing I couldn't stop)


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Hi & welcome to the forum.

I love cats too - they are very healing & spiritual animals.

It may be that whoever takes on the house; or the eventual owner is; may want to carry on letting. & these things take time.

My brother & a few friends are going through this at the moment - the letting agents/owners have gone into receivership, so they may all have to be looking at moving again at some stage. I personally know how hard accommodation problems can be.

But it is better to deal with things as they come up, & cross bridges when you come to them. There are options. A lot of us tend to project the worse into the future - but we are usually better to focus on the present.

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