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Am I a Psycopath?



New member
Apr 27, 2010
Ok before anyone corrects me, I know psychopath is an outdated term but it is a lot easier than using the modern term.

Reasons why I think I am a Psychopath:

- Until recently have struggled with Marijuana abuse

- Have done inconsistently in school

- Make lots of long term plans and generally only keep a few of them

- Have absurd, unrealistic goals that are almost impossible to accomplish

- Obsessed with revenge (and have little remorse for those who have wronged me)

- I like violent movies, video games, books (Cormac McCarthy is my favorite)

- Generally dislike authority figures, especially those who are self-righteous

- Enjoy fighting, have trained extensively in Mixed Martial Arts (better known as cage fighting)

- Obsessed with animals of the order carnivora

- I almost only ever cry due to romantic hardships

- I am overall cunning, calculating and manipulative

- I have a pretty low view of human nature and therefore have great contempt for human society

- I have a propensity for theft but only when I am SURE I can get away with it.

- I have strained and distant relationships with my family members

- I'm bored easily

- Felt emotionless and cold at both funerals I have attended

Reasons why I think I'm not:

- I love animals, especially cats, and could never imagine hurting one (unless it hurt me)

- I had a pet snake once and bawled out crying when I watched the snake kill a "pinky" mouse

- I am deeply affected by the emotional content of movies, books and other art forms

- I care about world issues like the Kivu Conflict and the War in Darfur

- I have had two very involved relationships with girls who I would say I'm in love with

- I am highly ambitious and motivated and generally do well when I put a lot of effort into it.

- I am not easily satisfied by material pleasures such as alcohol, good food, video games etc.

- I get very squeamish about certain kinds of violence, think it would prolly make me sick to torture someone a la SAW. (In fact the SAW movies do make me sick)

- Am deeply incensed by what I perceive to be social injustice.



Righty ho, my friend. I'll begin with the generic disclaimer. I am not a psychiatrist, so can't say that you are or are not a psychopath or any other of their diagnoses. However, in my opinion, psychiatrists deal with brain wiring and I'd have much greater trust in a qualified electrician to make a substantive assessment of my brain wiring...!

Standard childhood triad of behaviours for the inchoate psychopath are (in the populist, watered down assessment): bedwetting; cruelty to animals and acts of arson.

Has someone called you a psychopath? I mean, it's a common term of abuse... I get the feeling like someone's slung that mud in your face and you're eager to thoroughly clean it off. Words can do a lot of damage.

In my humble and trustworthy opinion, going by what you've written, if you're a psychopath then I'm Desmond Tutu.

For the record, I am not nor have ever been Desmond Tutu.

To me, and please forgive me if I have this wrong, you sound like a complex, struggling and self-conscious young person at one of the most difficult emotional stages of life.

Your second list stands you out as an intelligent, conscientious individual. Your first list is like all the things you think may make you bad.

Everyone, every human being, can write a list of contrasts just like that. That's the crux of the matter. We, you, me and everyone, are human because we are full of contradictions. It's what makes us interesting, creative, difficult, compelling and unique.

Maintain this level of self-reflection and keep balancing it out, as you have done here. It's very healthy to recognise the good and bad in yourself. Nurture the good as much as you can but never expect perfection.

Take care! :)


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Mar 24, 2010
From what you described, you probably do not have antisocial personality disorder, however a lot of what you described has features of other PDs (borderline and schizoid first come to mind).
I have (diagnosed) schizoid PD so am certainly no expert on borderline, this is just my opinion.
If you are under 18 (which it sounds you may be?) then I wouldn't be too worried about this just yet.