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always in the wrong



New member
Oct 25, 2013
i bought my wife flowers for her birthday today and now she wants to leave me and take our 4 year old son with her. i love them both millions and couldn't see a future for myself if they are not in it.
Here's the main problem, my wife is from China and i'm from england we reside in the uk and if my wife leaves the chances are i would never see my son again. she holds this over me whenever there is a disagreement and she blows everything out of proportion and blames me for everything that goes wrong. i still dont have a clue why she is so mad about flowers for her birthday, she knows about the diamond necklace but the surprise party, that i have spent the past 2 months setting up, she doesn't know about.
her mood swings are really getting me down and i honestly think if it wasn't for my son i wouldn't be around now and when she takes him away what else have i got worth sticking around for?
it gets frustrating at times and i have raised my voice on a few occassions as she never listens and is always accusing me of things that have never happend.
this might seem a bit petty and trivial to some but when your constantly told about how bad things are because of you, when all i do is work hard to try and support my family it eventually wears you down.


Well-known member
Aug 24, 2013
Honey I know how you feel :hug5: I don't have kids thow but my X made me feel like that till we broke up :( oxoxoxox I found it best not to try to hold on to them because it just makes you hate them and your self more oxoxoxoxox but she can't just take him she would have to get custody first or you can say that your wife stole him and she can get in truble :) oxoxox but you might find if you call her bluff she will try to get you back but it might not work that way cos most times you find your self happyer with out them and don't want them back but what ever you do don't take them back from guilt cos you won't love them the same honey oxoxoxo sorry lol think I should have stoped at the hug :hug5:

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