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Always catches me out, I should know better!


Lab rat

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Feb 6, 2020
To my voices: “you got me, well done! But I won’t fall for it again”

so last night, our neighbor is away somewhere and has left her kids by themselves.

about 8 ish to about 10 the kids were outside laughing and screaming/shouting. About 11 I wanted to go sleep but couldn’t for all the racket. My mrs told me that there was no one out there and to go to sleep. Shortly afterward, the voices started conversing very loudly in German (I can speak a VERY small amount of German, enough to Id the language) I tried to sleep. After half an hour, I FLIPPED!!! I keep a pick axe handle by my side of the bed (for protection) I grabbed it, and ran outside (stark bollock naked)

guess what? Ghost town! No one there. I went in, and with my mind at rest fell asleep while listening to mein kempf outside.

woke up this morning, and mrs wasn’t there. Went downstairs and she was asleep on the sofa. Asked her why, she said she got up at 1 am cos the kids next door were keeping her awake!!!

what’s going on? Did I run naked with a lump of wood into some parallel dimension? Or did the kids go in just as I ran out, and what’s with the German?
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