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Alcohol and friends



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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Feeling a bit fed up lately. I used to love going out with my friends on a saturday and stuff. Since i had my last manic/depressive episode i have tried to stay off the drink as it makes me feel a bit low for a few days afterwards.

I miss nights out cause i couldnt face going out sober with my friends, just not the same. Never see them as much. sick of sitting in all weekend.

do you think there is life without alcohol??

do you think there is life without friends??

im lonely x:unsure:


The AA - (Automatic Anihlation)



And we're here - just come online.

Go easy on the booze if you can. It's hard, but I had a friend who told me she never drinks when she is down. I've stuck to that. It's kept me out of trouble. It dulls my mind. I take it when I need to slow down - just like a depressant. I usually go into my local - order a shot of sambuka - down it. Then leave. I don't like pubs too much.


Toonafish I feel for you I tried to go the pub last night got myself all ready really thought it would help my low mood,a few pints and everything would be all right,It wasnt n I just had to come home,feeling worse than when I went out.
I really dont want to feel like this Iwould loved to be all dancing n happy n enjoying myself but it just didnt happen for me. I just felt like a:mad:person.



alcohol is an interesting one.

I don't drink. But there are times I think I'll just have a drink to numb the pain of the depression when it is particularly overwhelming. But I know that if I do - In a couple of days a real despair that is separate from the depression comes over me and I find I have to fight against that too. A little like your own experience from the sounds of it.

So: I've decided for myself that it isn't worth it. It doesn't stop me from looking at the vast majority of people and wondering if it's me doing something wrong and that if I just drank I'd be one of them. But in my heart - I know that's not true.

When you don't drink - it does make you realize how many "relationships" and "friendships" have one unifying denominator. Take the alcohol and the visits to the pub away and I wonder how many of those friendships would still continue? Do we look for genuine contact with other people without a drug to make us someone other than who we are or do we find something more palpable than that.

For me - I've learned that most people escape the reality of their lives. One positive of depression is that it has made me confront the reality of my own life - without visits to the pub and copious amounts of alcohol to numb that. Sooner or later - reality comes to visit all of us but in a strange way ; depression has prepared me for that loneliness in a way that other people might struggle with when it comes around to their turn.

One day - we all have to step out of the noise and humdrum and see ourselves for who we really are.

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Alcohol is known for giving you a quick boost but generally it is a depressant and should be avoided if you are depressed in the first place. Not always easy when you continually feel so low.

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I have been having thoughts of getting a bottle of scotch & sitting here drinking it; & also thinking about smoking a joint. It would be very enjoyable at the time. But the after effects & consequences would not be. So I remain sober. I went shopping earlier - & there was a line of scotch bottles over the till. My gaze did linger there a while. :drool:


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Apr 24, 2008
That's probably a good thing of living in the States now - you have to go to a separate liquor store, not just throw things in your trolley as you do your food shopping. I am also not drinking now - I've not long started new meds and I think alcohol is best avoided especially when your body is just getting used to new meds. Also living at 7000ft I would think alcohol has a stronger effect on you. I also know that I can tend to do things to excess, so not to go down that route with alcohol is a wise move.

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Further to my previous post which talks about the depressive side to alcohol. I have to admit to there being a bottle of wine and a bottle of cider sitting there on my kitchen unit!! Following my trip to the doctors there's a good chance that I may just have a go at them!!!



I get it!

Gosh, its like hearing myself reading this. I am in a constant arguement with myself too about alcohol. Aside from going to the pub, which happens next to nil times, I find myself with a lot less friends!
I still have close friends that visit and that I visit when I'm well, but even if I'm invitied around a friends for the evening it generally is accompanied by booze, and once I've had a sniff of the barmaids apron so to speak I cant say no.
Generally I get home (somehow) and spend the next hours/days/weeks hiding from everyone again incase I've said something stupid or made an arse of myself, even if people say I haven't.

However, I know that alcohol does depress me further, but I am struggling not to have a drink each evening at the moment. Even one or two glasses of wine, sometimes I dont even like it, I guess I'm in a pattern?


my opinion only

i drink till i pass out at home alone and couldn't imagine going out without drinking or doing drugs of some kind. Just joined this site and seeing that there are so many others confused like me made me feel a little less alone.

There is life without alcohol babe but you are using it to treat a symptom of an underlying problem. drinking, depression, self harm are all symptoms of a problem. NOT THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. Don't ever blame yourself, and if your doc is rubbish, change doctors. I am still abusing my body and know exactly the reasons why but it is the lesser of 2 evils. If i didn't block out my pain when people let me down through drinking, I would hurt them or top myself which I have been trying not to do. I know you feel alone but on this site you aren't as we are all just as "special" lol. xxxx I feel like the loneliest person on the planet but have managed not to self harm since last june.

QUOTE=TOONAFISH;102285]Feeling a bit fed up lately. I used to love going out with my friends on a saturday and stuff. Since i had my last manic/depressive episode i have tried to stay off the drink as it makes me feel a bit low for a few days afterwards.

I miss nights out cause i couldnt face going out sober with my friends, just not the same. Never see them as much. sick of sitting in all weekend.

do you think there is life without alcohol??

do you think there is life without friends??

im lonely x:unsure:[/QUOTE]


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Jun 24, 2013
I don't think there is life of friends and alcohol. I am fond of scotch and used to have it at least once in a week..


Jun 24, 2013
Life without friends can be a struggle. But as a recovering alcoholic in AA yes by God's grace there is most definitely life without alcohol. Sobriety is a hard struggle but worth every second.
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