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Agorapobia is ruining my life!



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Mar 3, 2015
St austell cornwall
Im new to this forum thing but i am looking for help and advice on my current situation dealing with agoraphobia. I used to be a single parent with a part time job, a degree on the go and an amazing son however over the last 6/7 months things have changed. I have an amazing partner that i feel supports me with everything including my son but i have had to quit my job, degree and what feels like my life because of this illness. Im used to being independant yet i havent left my house for over 3 months at all.. Not even to be able to take my son to school. I feel extremely depressed and more so a failure to him that i am suffering this way and i dont have family to rely on in that sense..
Im hoping through this forum that i may be able to find away to open my front door and walk out without being scared.
Any help is greatly appreicated no matter how small.. Im desperate for help just unsure where and how to get it.. I have been offered medication by the gp but unsure whether to take it (scared how it will make me feel)
Can i be helped or am i already to far down this spiral?


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Jan 5, 2011
Hello Maryanne and :welcome: to the forum. I can hear how upset you are and it must feel terrible. I think the clue is in the depression you mention. I would suggest that you try the medication, it can take the edge off the worst of the feelings. But I feel that needs to be seen only as a part of help. I would strongly urge you to go to good therapy, and get a grip on how this started soon. The reason I say that is you are only 3 months into agoraphobia, and you need to not let it become entrenched in your mind. I am not sure we can actually diagnose ourselves properly, so it might not be a phobia, but depression. There are differences.

Depression can cause a huge number of reactions in people and it is an illness in my opinion. Something triggered this reaction. But looking for one event, isn't likely to work. What usually happens is a chain reaction of events, and then something which on the surface looks almost trivial, tips us over the edge.

It is tempting to look for answers and say, "Oh its this or that" and think that is the cause. We tend to avoid therapy because we can't see how it will help. But that is the point, we can't see, but they can gradually help us to find things in us we have hidden away, which can be faced and overcome. If you go privately, its about £35 an hour, which sounds a lot, but in fact we can usually find that amount. Make sure they are BAC or BACAP accredited as that is the bench mark for a professional.

I hope others will be along soon to talk with you too.
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