just me Amy

Jul 24, 2018
south East England
Hello I am Amy, I have Agoraphobia, Social anxiety i am housebound and feeling so low and desperate for help. I Been to see my Gp and and will be getting some type of CBT soon ive got to point i have given all hope of getting any better. I get panic attacks in the mornings for some strange reason,

I am very ashamed to say i am getting a little obsessed with internet shopping its things i not really need, i keep this to myself know one knows, i am worried another problem come along as well as the other issues above

This could be down to me feeling isolated, lonely, depressed The shopping part started when i was dumped at christmas by a guy All of above i have a a long while I not on Medication i not like pills.

Any advice Amy:scared:


It can get better! I used to hate going out and went through therapy. I'll admit, it takes a lot of energy and stuff, but it's possible for things to get better. I can now go out in public (even though I still don't enjoy it) and I can even eat in public, which I was very afraid of doing several years ago.

I went through a lot of trouble with meds and am still dealing with terrible side effects. I'm writing this because I want to be honest with my thoughts on medication. I hate medication and I'm going to try something natural instead. Maybe you can do that as well. I always say that I can't speak for everyone. For others, psychiatric meds might work. But if you don't want to try them, you can always stick to CBT and natural stuff.

I think the internet shopping obsession can be solved with therapy. So you should be fine.

I'm sorry that guy left you. Focus on yourself and take good care of yourself. And good luck!


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Jun 5, 2018
United States
Hello Just me Amy. :)

I am also diagnosed with Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder. I would be very happy to talk about our challenges and how we improve ourselves.

Panic attacks stink. We all seem to have different symptoms, in my case the worst of it is my brain runs on sonic speed and I can't make decisions. I feel trapped around people...or even alone. My breathing gets fast but I still don't think I'm getting enough air.

What helps besides my medicine is turning off the lights and going to bed with as little by way of sound or anything going on.

I think you mentioned you are just now being set up to see counseling? If so, that is great news. Be honest with them, even about the shopping if it gets out of control. And yeah, when we are alone most of the time things like online shopping are easy to get aren't bad for it.

Now the good news. They say something like 1/3rd of Agoraphobics who seek help get to where they can lead a normal life...with learned skills and defenses.

Please stick around the Mental Health Forum. It has been a great place as far as helping me out. (I'm not so new as my sign on date..I was on here a few years ago and just stopped for some dumb reason.)


Jul 28, 2018
East Devon
ur so not alone x

:) i can go to town but only so far/ i use electric bicycle because i get panicky but am ok once i get to town. I cant travel out of town tho yet x PLEASE dnt be ashamed


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Aug 7, 2018
Hello,Amy! My name is "Hally". I don't do well in mornings either.Infact it is almost 2:30 a.m here.I have gotten so I stay up all night even though I shouldn't.I don't get much sleep.I have real medical issues along with panic attacks when I don't feel well which is alot.I can't stay alone for more than a few minuates and have slipped back again.I'am tired now and I'am not making much sense,sorry.I too,have bought things online too.I'am just starting to see a therapist again.Today was my first appt.,but my husband was in the car with me as it's 50 minuates away.I take one antianxiety pill,along with other pills for my medical issues.I'am afraid of pills, but do take some for my medical conditions.I just found this site.I do hope people use this site,and will respond.I feel like I need a friend.I hope we can be friends on this site.Sorry about the guy dumping you.However,if he dumped you due to problems it is his loss.Everyone has problems in this life of some sort.I'am glad for you that you will be starting therapy.It's a step in the right direction for you,Amy.Tell your therapist about the shopping thing too.Best of luck to you!


Aug 18, 2018
Hello guys

I deal with Agoraphobia as well, and it's a road not many understands, hoping to communicate with like minded individuals.


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Sep 7, 2018
West Midlands
Hi I just typed a message and my internet connection was lost. I was diagnosed with agoraphobia 25 years ago. I will write more tomorrow but it got better for me. Love to all of you, there is hope. XxxxX

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