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Agoraphobia and cbt



New member
Oct 26, 2018
Hey everyone I'm new! English is not my first language so sorry for the mistakes...
last year I suffered from many panic attacks - then went to a regular consuling and it helped a lot.
This year i'm on my second year of collage - I feel better but stil have severe anxitey when i need to do a presentation because i'm afraid i'll have a panic attack while talking. I was wondering if do you guys think cbt to help my public speech anxitey will help? or is it the Aguraphobia? can aguraphobia be helped with cbt? I feel like its a paradox
thanks x


Well-known member
Sep 7, 2018
West Midlands
Hi, I have overcome agoraphobia, but I am having some anxiety attacks at work. I am looking into CBT, I have asked the forum about it as my counsellor has recommended it to me.

I have also contacted the NHS about CBT help as they are prepared to let you self refer, basically you don't need the doctors referral.

I am really hopeful that the CBT will help me, I want to get started asap.

Good luck and well done for helping yourself with the counselling.


Well-known member
Oct 29, 2018
I have had agoraphobia all my life. About 9 years ago I did not leave the house unless it was for the doctors and I would only go with my partner. Would not answer the door or even go in the garden on my own. I did CBT and it helped a lot. It was very stressful at first facing my fears but I found a tiny step at a time was best for me. I am now able to walk to my local shop on my own and answer the door also go in my garden. It has taken a long time .