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Agitated Depression



New member
Jan 10, 2016
Hello, I'm new to this site and I think mostly I'm seeking support. I've been in a bad way for quite some time and have been under a mental health team and have been given multiple pills. I've been told unofficially that I'm likely to have agitated depression (manic disorder) and BPD however the treatment for this are mood stabilisers rather than what I am currently on. I'm getting more and more desperate about finding an end to this which has caused me to take overdoses and I'm putting my last hope that in my psychiatrist appointment I'll finally be officially diagnosed and given the correct information. I guess I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced this and how you have coped?
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Aug 3, 2015
Hello Amy and welcome to the forum. It is very frustrating not knowing what diagnosis you have. It took years before I was diagnosed with BPD. I had put it down to depression. Things like BPD can take a long time to diagnose. I am so sorry you have been feeling so bad that you want to overdose. I hope your appointment with your psychiatrist goes well and you can get a diagnosis.


Jun 20, 2015

I am sorry to hear you are suffering so,depression and agitation is common and a part of many MI diagnoses.
I want to reassure you that we have all been where you are where the diagnosis isn't immediately forthcoming and treatment has been guess work or hit and miss to find something that works.Psyche docs tend to know which drugs go with which diagnosis and work so getting that diagnosis right really helps so I hope they will work out what helps you soon.I coped by trying to calm myself down best I could but it is hard I won't deny when we are suicidal and feel there is nothing to help and nowhere to turn.Just keep your mental health team informed when things are bad and give them all relevant information to help them get it right.
We here on this forum want to welcome you and support you too.We want to help you feel you are not alone and have us to turn to when things get too much.I hope the psyche docs come through for you,they did for me and do for a lot of people so don't give up.Nikitax


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2015
Hi Amy

Im new to this too having only become Ill in the last 5 years

Or should I say, Too Ill To Function Properly

Im 50 and been told a year ago I have BPD

since then ive been told its more likely to be Bipolar II which is far more subtle

I'd long thought any sort of Bipolar was off the table for me because I don't identify mania

but turns out mania can take many forms including Insane Competence and Workaholism

which is how mine expressed itself :( I quite literally did the work of 3 people, my entire career

Anyhow as far as How To Survive - YOU ARE DOING IT

Please don't fall apart now as land is in sight!

You've been on your own on a rackety MH raft and you're about to be rescued

Don't underestimate your existing skills and durability! YOU are the Expert on You!

Also - I found self care Most Important - by which I mean, exercise, diet, sleep, and general hygiene, all those things that fail us when Unwell.




Well-known member
Jan 11, 2016
Good evening Amy,

I too have experienced agitated depression and it pushed me to two overdoses because it wasn't recognised by my consultant until it was too late.

People with bi-polar are sometimes diagnosed with personality disorders when they are unwell, in particular when they are overdosing due to untreated or poorly treated bi-polar. When mood is stable, they usually no longer meet the criteria for a personality disorder so please bear this in mind when telling your consultant about your symptoms.

It is common for those with depression or agitated depression to view their past in a negative light, which also can confuse diagnosis. When your mood is level, your view of your life is different. In my case, i looked back and felt that i had been a bad person and that life had been full of arguments and my poor behaviour, but currently i am quite level and so can see that arguments and embarrassing behaviours are linked to high moods and are not my normal self. It takes time to look at your life through bi-polar tinted glasses. Consultants usually take what you say at face-value without realising life would likely have been chaotic confusion for you and a big jumbled mess that you have not yet sorted through.

I will try and help if i can

Love Resting