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Age MH problems appear?



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Jul 23, 2009
London, south Wales, Bristol, Oxford, East Anglia
At what age do MH problems appear?

I am aware that this varies but I would like to see as many responses as possible to see if there is a pattern. I often hear that the person started to experience problems in the late teens/early twenties, but I wonder how common this is and what it might mean.
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When I look back mine started at about age 8 which is about the furthest I can get back to in my child hood we actually lived over the road from a n mental instute I dont know if that has any bearing but I didnt feel about those people like most people used to call them for mad n called it the work house they would walk up n down the road evreyday in their sleepers n pj's with the fag hanging out their mouths not always smoking it just puffing it was so sad, it was a very dark time in my life n we had an attatic n it was painted black such a horriable place n we didnt even have a bath n hot running water n the toilet was out side n we had to use newspaper for toilet paper n for christmas we had a an apple n a orange n a few nuts not writing this because I feel sorry for myself but thats how poor we were n that was the start I had in life.I dont have no education because I didnt have the capacity in my head to learn because I find it hard to store information but I did well in employment whilst I could work n achieved buying my own restaurant at the age of 26 but then got poorly physically which I believe has a result of having tried to deal with all the mh stuff for so long by myself


Personally with me I think that things stem back to before I was born (in the womb), & maybe even beyond that into past life stuff. I used to think the difficulties with the MH stuff started with a section at 17 - but there was anxieties & fears that played a part in things before then. I remember being around 8 too, & getting very panicked for no apparent reason at school - & running away in terror. I used to get odd visual disturbances as well as a kid. There was trauma very early on; that's what I put things down to.


my depression at that age (i say that age as its when i noticed it) was caused by my childhood. so things were never right but by the time of 12/13 i started doing things to help me deal with it, so bad behaviour started.

though did have the 'voices' speaking to me alot earlier then that.

i did a therapy thing one time, it was a regression thing, dont know how it worked or understood it properly but you were taken back to a place in time where you didnt have any problems and you felt safe. i ended up back before birth. i found that quite strange :unsure:


no i have never heard of him

some of those quotes are amazing

We are not here by accident or by some coincidence of nature.
this one got to me, as i have always thought there must be a reason why i live this life and still remain in it.

always believed i should never of been born in the first place

i think i will find this stuff very interesting, thankyou


i watched the link, wow

i need to watch the 4 others now


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