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Affirmations and Meditations



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Oct 5, 2013
I used to believe that affirmations don't work and I realized that I was doing them wrong. You can't just force your brain to accept and believe the very opposite of what seems true for you right now. The statements have to be realistic!

I found this amazing recording of affirmations on you tube and these have helped me immensely because they are realistic and it doesn't feel forced to say them to myself...

I decided to make this a thread of things that worked forme and helped me to say thank you to everyone for being so helpful and supportive.

Please feel free to share any meditation or affirmation links that work for you!

Love you! <3

Here's Tara Brach doing a meditation using the RAIN method she developed:

Waking up from the trance of unworthiness...



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Apr 19, 2019
Personalized Affirmations are great !
I don’t particularly like the generic ones myself either.
There are so many things I could add but it’s late and my mind is slowing down. I’ll post more later when I remember proper names.
Listening to Chanting Monks is so soothing and relaxing for me.

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