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Aeroplane Phobia

  • Thread starter Butterflydreamer
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May 27, 2019
I have always flown very frequently, and always enjoyed the experience. Funnily enough my dream, until I was about 32 when then too late, was to be an air hostess. However, on the last handful of flights I have been growing extremely nervous of landing and take off. The last 2 flights I was totally terrified of the whole flight. I was convinced I was going to die. To make matters worst, I have suddenly become obsessed with aeroplanes and plane disasters, I know all of them and how they happened. If I see an aeroplane in the sky (which is about 10 times a day as I live close to an airport) I watch the aeroplane closely to see if it will crash. I’m not really sure how this has come about. I also dream of taking trips by plane - in which they either crash or I am totally brave about a flight and enjoy the Experience.
I am due to fly at the end of the month - to see family and friends back home. I am terrified of the thought, I am scared I will die in a crash or of a heart attack. Or maybe have a panic attack.
What are your thoughts on this?
P.s. I have also developed passanger phobia - I hate being in a car driven by others!


Jun 25, 2019
I'm new and suffer from other thing but I want you to feel supported and know that someone read your post. If it's not just planes, but also being a passenger it might be due to a problem with not being in charge. You could have developed it from a situation where u felt powerless maybe and now you are afraid of leaving power to others and feel the same way. Maybe I'm talking nonsense but I used to idealise future and when things weren't the way I had dreamt, I felt treasoned (sorry I don't know if that verb exist). If you have someone to keep you busy and keep your head focused on the present day, don't doubt to hold tight to them. I hope that at least knowing people care helps you. Lots of love😁❤