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Advise needed, Am I Bipolar?



New member
Dec 6, 2009
hello im nick 20,

sorry if posted this in the wrong place. i just after a bit of feedback. ive read abit on bp and think im suffering from it, i think ive got a few symtoms of bp and just was wondering what steps i should take?

its hard to explain got really mixed emotions atm, i think it stems back from a few years ago when there was a family split and then recently when i started taking drugs (stopped now) i was getting bad mood swings.

must have been about a year ago when i stopped taking cocaine went on a mad one spose. i went through some difficult times with my friends and family due to myself. i was at a such a low point after this and had let alot of people down. i mean after that i used to always get extreme mood swings, say a couple of days happy the few days down or weeks of this. i got to a point on my 20th birthday where i was so happy ended up starting my own business, went to the gym all time was close with alot of people i. just felt confident like i could do anything.

then just gradually went down hill again, fell out with my dad moved out business went all wrong and stopped gym felt extremely closed started drinking loads.

its wired i can be so shy and not confident at all and and be kinda scared of things or i can be really confident like i can acheive anything! i dont know if thats relevent or not?

and just recently have been really down just feel sometimes like giving up its annoying because i know thats not what i want, but just feels like its impossible to get and im worthless. cant be botherd to do anything, getting really angry. i cant stop worrying about things all the time and i always say i will do something and dont end up doing it. and become extremely self concious. its a vicious circle because i will have days where i will be so motivated to do things! feel like im in a bit of a rut atm.

and i just want to settle down, ive had sooo many jobs and been to college soo many times and never just sticking to things mainly because of the way im feeling.

i could go on all day lol, sorry if i rambled on abit!

a bit of advice would be appriciated greatly.



Well-known member
Jul 15, 2009
Have you seen your GP about this? It may be you are bipolar, maybe not, or it could be the effects of having taken drugs. Whatever, your GP should be able to help or point you in the right direction to get some help.

I hope you can get something sorted out soon.


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Jun 26, 2009
Nice one on setting up your own business :)

Bipolar can make you very confident and creative when high, you feel invincible. If you are having periods of great highs and then downs like you say talk to your GP


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hi Nick

It does sound a bit like bi polar but also sounds like what drugs can do to your mood. I went through a drugs phase from 14 - 26 and i was up and down all the time. you should def speak to your gp. if you are off all the drugs now and still feeling like this i would seek help.

hope your ok

nikki x
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