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Dec 21, 2019
middle europe
im new here, i just made this acc... i've skimmed through the threads on this forum real quickly trying to find a thread like this but honestly i have no patience for that rn..
so to the point - idk what to do with racing thoughts ... when i go manic (which happens more and more often these days and i hate it), sometimes i can't hold on to a thought for the life of me... and it sucks so much and just messes everything up... i feel so f..... scattered tbh like i have no idea how to put myself together.. sometimes even during real life convos i have a million things firing through my brain as we speak.. and i cant concentrate at all ... and it just frustrates me so much.. so how do you guys deal with that? self medicating helps but its hard enough not to go full on down that road if u know what i mean...
right now i cant even really put together what i wanna write but i hope this post makes sense (im kinda in the middle of a mixed episode and was full blown manic for like the whole week)
ps i also have ocd and also sometimes i get super anxious which makes this particular symptom way worse


Well-known member
Oct 21, 2014
wait a few moments.... consider the ones who love you
try and stay alive just for them

suffer all the pain you feel and remain in your situation

give the ones who love you the gift of getting it right


Dec 21, 2019
middle europe
um... thanks?
im not really suicidal tho, only when i'm super depressed and cant help it, but i have plans for the future that keep me from actually wanting to die
btw im doing just that, suffering and remaining right here in this mess .. but what i need to know is how do i slow my brain when it goes off like that? cuz it happens so often, i guess in a way its almost constant
ps thanks for replying
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