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Dec 12, 2018
Pontefract West Yorkshire
Ive posted on a couple of different threads on here as my fiance hasnt ever said exactly what he has been diagnised with until last night when i felt the need to ring UK111as he is really starting to struggle with how he is feeling. Bit of back story, he was on Risperdrone for a failry long time until this had negative effects on his physical well being so in May last year he swapped to Quetiapine. All was well until around October last year. It doesnt seem to be having any effect for him anymore, he gets angry over silly things (a lot is aimed at the TV), he said hes hearing voices and has had suicidal thoughts. He spoke with his GP practice, he got a call back from a triage nurse who advised a hot bath....we both feel like he is being fobbed off and he desperately needs some help to try to lift his mood and make him feel better in himself. Nothing can seem to make him happy, we did go to the coast last weekend for the day and he loved it but because i work we cant just go day tripping whenever we feel like it...any advice would be gratefully accepted.


Well-known member
Nov 26, 2018
Unfortunately my experience with getting help from professionals has involved pushing enough buttons to freak people out enough to get their attention. They work to the highest clinical need to the determent to anything else. It's firefighting so you have to set a fire big enough to get help.