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Advice regarding my brother - Catching an episode early?



New member
May 17, 2019
Hi everyone, I am new here and this post is not personally about me but my brother and was looking for advice.

I'll make it short :) 2014 my brother had his first episode and he was sectioned, he was under a lot of stress and he was currently living with his girlfriend, the stress was because his girlfriend was an alcoholic and she nearly died he came out of hospital but for a year never took his meds and was sectioned a year later (end of 2015) as his girlfriend nearly died yet again, sadly his girlfriend did pass away xmas 2015 but he was on his meds and he has never since been sectioned or shown signs of an episode and has been on his meds ever since. We recently found out had stopped taking his meds and we had noticed symptoms we were worried about. When he had his first two episodes he was having all the symptoms, hallucinations etc and thoughts about dead relatives being alive and he was completely disconnected with reality.

We noticed on Wednesdy how he was acting and he has had stress at work. He's current symptoms are:

Struggling to concentrate
Struggling to sleep but not every night
Stressed due to work
He also seems not always focused when having a conversation

He has admitted he has felt slighting different since coming off his meds but has said he has no strange thoughts or hearing voice/seeing things etc so we feel we have caught it early. (We hope)

He has started back on his meds (Olazapine 7.5mg) on Wednesday. He still has the current symptoms but they seem to come and go and are mainly there during the day time while he is working. Have we caught it early or even though we got him back on his meds could he still have to be sectioned? Can these episodes be treated early or does it always get worse?

Thank you.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
If caught early on I don't see why he should go back into hospital. Why did he stop his meds? They do over sedate and many people think because they are better they don't need them any more. I did that! (I'm diagnosed with bipolar). I paid the price and became psychotic again. But back on the meds and I'm OK again.

The lack of sleep is the number one cause of all mental health problems getting worse. If he sitll has trouble, perhaps try getting him to a doctor to get something to help him with that?

I wish you well with him.
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