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Advice please



Nov 28, 2009
My Partner has over the last three or few years suffered with panic attacks. Firstly in a Shopping Centre, and normally if under a certain amount of stress. Most recently this has excellated to the extent that we have very short periods of good times, he can manage to go to work but when at home his personality and feelings are extremely difficult to deal with. We recently watched the programme about 'The Mind' where famous sports people were talking obout their experiences and that it was important to go and seek help. I've started looking on the internet to see what to do, I have spoken to colleagues who have advised similar and other herbal remedies, like St Johns Whort, which seemed to make him sleep very deeply and feel uncomfortable. My worry is for his health as he is also an insulin dependant diabetic and experiencing great difficulties eating so sugar readings are bouncing from high to low at the moment, when they are high is when he is feeling really stressed.

Sorry a bit of a ramble, just hoping someone can help me!

Many thanks



Well-known member
Aug 21, 2009
Get him to the drs... x


Nov 28, 2009
He did go to the doctors and was prescribed propranolol hydrochloride tablets which did calm his racing heart and improved his feeling of wellbeing. He then gave up the job that was causing the stress etc in January and it was like a removing a weight from his shoulders. He then became self-employed for in June as he could get no full time employment as wasn't entitled to any from the DSS as I am employed. This worked out up until he got stuck in the snow latter part of 2010 and was back in the depression cycle, we jogged along quiet positive for a few months applying for jobs and had some good news in April and was elated to be offered employment, unfortunately the demands of the job were such that after two days he was back at the doctors seeking help, he was prescribed a short course of diazepam, which allowed him to sleep to get rid of the thoughts going around in his head. We had managed to talk things through and he was stable for the next couple of weeks, however we are back to having the black thoughts, feed up of being tied to the regime of diabetes and just wanting to sleep. The visit to the doctors was only to be followed up if he needed further help with training for work or if he needed to see a counsellor putting the onus on him to make the next appointment.
My only option is for me to go and see the doctor, but not sure how that will work?


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Jan 5, 2011
Hiya Bugsy

May I suggest you post a new post? However, I am diabetic and swinging blood sugar readings is not good for health. Has that settled down now? I don't know your finances, obviously, but could you afford some counselling for him? Its about £35 and hour. he could start to work on what causes the panics, and how to manage them better. If not ask your GP, they do have access to short courses of therapy. Is he on any other meds? It sounds as though he may need antidepressants. I am in two minds about St John's Wort. it is a natural anti depressant, but it does have side effects like all other meds and i would prefer something that has been tested better.

best of luck xx
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